Red Planet

From the archaeological excavations conducted on Mars, remnants of carbon-based creatures with wide chins, strong muscle structure as it was seen from their thick bones, and with a size as huge as a monolith due to the low amount of gravity, were found.

Everyone had thought of these remnants as a primitive species similar to those dinosaurs in the Late Triassic Period, first. However, as the research proceeded, the actual facts were going to be understood to be much more revolutionary and startling.


To change this dry and red planet into a habitable world required the colonists who went to the Mars from the Earth the longest and the most challenging of endeavours. Hundreds of thermonuclear bombs blasted on the poles and the emission of greenhouse gases trapped inside the deepest parts of the ice ensured that the atmosphere, once thin and weak, to be much stronger and resilient. Following these events, thanks to the artificial farming lands, water generators, and most importantly, the dedicated and hard-working people, Mars became as habitable as the mother earth, the World.

They weren’t only immigrants of Mars, they were Martians, and they were living their lives as small colonies, valuing the peaceful of their society and science.

Martians called the creatures they had found “Fera”, and they brought it back to life, literally rising it from its own ashes. Martians called the one with the wings as wide as a dragon, with a skin as thick as armour, and possibly the strongest and wildest one the “Drafe”. Sizes, powers and skills of these creatures were so extraordinary that even the scientists thought them to be “magical” beings.

Soon after, Martians got to combining the extraordinary powers of Feras and the beyond belief intelligence and curiosity. For this peaceful community to stay alive and resist against the terrestrials who dragged them into war, they needed the Feras. Human DNA and Fera DNA was combined, and a godlike entity from heavens emerged. This new race of humans was named “Fehom”. As if their mental and physical powers were not enough, semi organic swords, arrows and bows, shields and many more weapons that hadn’t been seen or heard before were produced by using their magical genomes for Fehoms to use. At last, Martians trusting their armies and more importantly, in Fehoms, they declared their ex-parte sovereignty from Earth.


While on Earth, there was an irrepressible movement called Black was happening. Central authorities were using trans-humanist technologies for their governors’ own passion for pleasure and violence. On the other hand, the Black movement had already proved itself to be a formidable adversary by capturing several cities. States resorted into the way of concluding an arrangement with the “Black” movement in order to end the war swiftly, and members of the movement were offered to go to Mars and settle into a new life as they wished. The Black movement labelled the arrangement as a victory as in that case they would be under the control of neither the Earth-people nor the Martians, and they would also easily oversway the Martians who didn’t have any weapons. Of course, they were aware of neither the Feras, nor what they were capable of.

The Black movement left the Earth and settled into the Mars, however, contrary to their expectations, the Martians were not such easy meats. Fehoms were very powerful, and they were using the Feras very effectively. Earth-people, when they heard the news, they realized that they hadn’t been getting any revenues from the Mars for some time. Yet, with the discovery of the Feras and the enviable success of Fehoms necessitated the conquest of the Mars. Thereupon, the military colony constituted on the Moon was sent to the Mars and a pitched battle erupted between the three parties. Each of the parties’ aim was the absolute dominance of Mars.


The group named “Gray”, who hadn’t gone to the Mars with the Black movement were continuing their milder and more peaceful protests and at the end, this movement resulted in a social revolution. The spare parts sold for the transhumanist people were cheaper, and people finally reached their goal of living in a united society. This social revolution also influenced the lifestyle on the Mars. The landed troops didn’t make it to the Earth as their armies had been disbanded. After the great losses, parties were obliged to constitute an arrangement. In general, Mars was a dry and arid planet; rich resources were being excavated from only 6% of it. This fertile land was called the “SourceZone” and it was decided that it would be a zone in which no one lived, though for the rest of the lands, anyone could obtain ownership and claim the land.

In spite of the arrangement, parties did not forget the possibility of a war and didn’t share their technological advancements with each other. Though there were numerous studies to create a new crossbreed, none surpassed the success of the Fehoms.

In SourceZone, everything was accepted as legitimate, savagery, devastation, homicide, theft… Though a cosmopolitan equilibrium of culture, dovishness and an economical balance were ruling in the cities. There was a new name for the Mars now, the “metaVmars”. This period was accepted as the Colonisation Age for the society of metaVmars.